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Nocturnal animals

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Edward Sheffield: Do you love me?
Susan Morrow: That’s not the point.
Edward Sheffield: No, that is the point.
Susan Morrow: No, it is not the point.
Edward Sheffield: That is the point!
Susan Morrow: That is not the point.
Edward Sheffield: You didn’t answer me!
Susan Morrow: Yes, I love you.
Edward Sheffield: Well, when you love someone, you work it out. You don’t just throw it away. You have to be careful with it, you might never get it again.



(good reminder) Do the work, Don!

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Don: I want my job back.
Freddie: How the hell do you think that’s gonna happen when you’re at the bottom of a bottle? You know you never have to have another drink again.
Don: I don’t wanna hear that right now.
Freddie: You’re hung over. It’s the best time to hear it. Are you just gonna kill yourself? Give them what they want? Or go in your bedroom, get in uniform, fix your bayonet and hit the parade. Do the work, Don.


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“…Y encima, lo que
 yo quisiera es un amor al revés, uno que empezara mal y acabara bien.

Uno que empezara con gritos , siguiera con caricias y se agarrara con besos.
 Un amor totalmente del revés.
 Uno que no terminara…”


Qualcuno tornerà
per sentire la tua voce,
per dirti che la vita
è un gioco in mezzo ai prati,
che il tempo non ha fine
se vivi per qualcuno.
Qualcuno tornerà
per amarti tutti i giorni.
Piero Ciampi