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feliz día

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brocket hall

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Ah, it is you, Ma’am. I couldn’t tell. The butler said you would be here. I come here for the rooks. They’re sociable animals. A gathering like this is called a parliament. Altogether more civilised than their human equivalent. I’m sorry to disturb you, Lord M… but I had to talk to you. Brocket Hall is honoured, Ma’am. I have come here incognito, of course. – Of course. But your presence cannot be entirely disguised. Yesterday I realised something. Yes, Ma’am? I think perhaps now… I’m speaking as a woman and not as a queen. At the beginning… I thought that you were the father I never had. But now I feel, I know… that you are the only companion I could ever desire. Did you know that… that rooks mate for life? Every year, they… they build their nests together… renew all those little civilities that… make a marriage sparkle. I think we could learn much from them. If I had just spent more time watching the rooks… my wife would have felt more attended to. She should never have left you. I would never do such a thing. No. I believe when you give your heart it will be without hesitation. But you cannot give it to me. I think you have it already. No, you must keep it intact for someone else. For I have no use for it, you see. Like a rook, I mate for life. I see. Then I am sorry to have disturbed you, Lord Melbourne.

Ciao Bruno…

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“The sweetest spirit under this roof is gone”

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3×04 Victoria.


come diavolo faccio a vedere serie se ma la prendo sempre così tanto?

what the fuck.

questa è veramente una stra ottima review. Mi sono andata a cercare subito review, opinioni, pensieri…


mi passerà. ma non oggi!×02-3×04-li-dove-fa-piu-male/